August, 2017
Branding, Graphic Design
July, 2017
Comparative essay
Graphic Design
March, 2017
Sumo Digital Rising Stars 2017
March, 2017
Enviroment Concepts
May, 2017
Games Art | Comparative research
March, 2017
Star Wars Spaceship Concept
March, 2017
Personal Project | Return for the bygone
March, 2017
Charcter Art Concepts
June, 2015
Into the hidden world of videogames | Final Essay
Graphic Design, Editorial Design
December, 2016
Aphotic: Light Runs Out
Digital Art, Game Design
October, 2016
Portfolio update + What's new in uni
Digital Art, Game Design
December, 2016
3D Small Enviroment
Digital Art, Game Design
July, 2016
Adobe Student Rep | Spring 2016
Advertising, Graphic Design, Illustration
March, 2016
Portfolio 2016
Editorial Design
February, 2016
University of Northampton | Personal t-shirt
Branding, Digital Art, Illustration
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